Senin, 17 Oktober 2016

My name Sara Jéssica

Sara Jessica
This is Lana Cristina, our poodle.

And it's black and white on the bottom photo is Sarah Jessica.

Makes 2 days the Sarah Jessica behavior is not at its normal.

Hardly get out of bed to come "talk" with me.

You do not want to get out of bed when called.

I think it is miss Samantha, because Samantha did not relate well with her, not with Cecilia.

"Love" Samantha was me.

Sarah Jessica is a very fat cat.

Only eat food and a small piece of papaya in the morning when we're having coffee. Still, he was overweight.

 Sara Jéssica
Tomorrow I will take her to the vet.

It can is feeling joint pain.

Charging the cx with Sarah Jessica is the same terror to me that I'm used to catch weight, a lot of weight at the Academy.

But she is docile.

I love our cats.

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